Brad Keeler Artwares Pricing Guide

(In Progress)


Help me help you -- Please Read

Hi there collectors past, present and future --

I need your help. I often get inquiries as to the value of a particular piece. While there are collectors books out there that claim to be accurately valuing the work, the fact is, they assume perfect condition and sale to a bonafide collector (i.e. someone who might be willing to pay virtually anything to acquire a piece). Even with the web's numerous sites listing Brad Keeler pieces for sale, there are no definitive sources that speak to what a realistic asking price would be. In fact, when you look at eBay, there are many pieces listed with a "buy it now" price, but how often do they actually sell for that price? I don't konw.

I do the best I can when I get inquiries, which is pretty regularly, by consulting my books and checking out the internet, but it has occurred to me that who better to ask than those who are currently buying, selling, and collecting his work.

I would like to be able to give collectors like yourself a better idea of what their piece is worth. Here is where you come in: If you have recently purchased or sold a Brad Keeler piece, could you please post a comment in this forum?

When posting, please tell me as much as you can:

- How it's labeled/numbered (somewhere on the piece there should be a sticker or it will be stamped into the bottom)

- A description (with approximate size -- no need to break out a ruler)

- How much you bought it or sold it for.

With your help hopefully I can attempt to compile a comprehensive list of the real market value of the works. When there are enough responses I will put it together more formally on a separate page of this website where it will be available for free. This is information that I believe will benefit all of us, and so please do share if you are so inspired!

Thank you!